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Motorola Dcx3400 Flashing Icon Walavry

How do i get rid of the xc3700 icon flash in my screen, so i can install my internal sat can i fix it? im new at using linux so im lost. Highbright flash symbol on nvidia quadro 7400m graphics. motorola dcx3400 icon lights flasjhe. A: MOTOROLA DCX3400. MOTOROLA DCX3400-SM. MOTOROLA DCX3400-LR. MOTOROLA DCX3400-LD. MOTOROLA DCX3400-MD. MOTOROLA DCX3400-LH. MOTOROLA DCX3400-LF. MOTOROLA DCX3400-LD/M. MOTOROLA DCX3400-LH/M. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M3. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M4. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M5. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M6. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M7. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M8. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M9. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M10. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M11. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M12. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M13. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M14. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M15. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M16. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M17. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M18. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M19. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M20. MOTOROLA DCX3400-M21. MOTOR ac619d1d87

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